You are permitted to know what this is about

This structure was constructed on the Henry Moore Plinth in Chelsea, opposite Tate Britain.  It measured X4meters by X3.5 meters X 2meters and each side was made from silk screened and digitally printed jackets, 28 in total.

An exploration of the visual language of protest, the text that features was collected from graffiti found on the streets of Deptford as the area tried hard to resist gentrification and from the anecdotal testimony of a group of 7 homeless young people – who collaborated on the project in exchange for being taught creative skills.

The shape of the structure was designed to replicate a Monopoly house and 80% of the materials used were salvaged from building sites and the warehouse that the artist was residing in at the time.

The title of the work was taken for the Tory parties 2010 election campaign slogan, and is intended to be ironic.