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“Last month, Mount Florida Studios saw the opening of the Scottish Feminist Judgments Project exhibition.

The artists in the exhibit make part of the manifold contributors to the project. Working with academics, legal practitioners, judges, artists, and third sector representatives to examine Scottish law, the SFJP explores and exposes how outcomes of legal cases could differ if reasoned from a feminist perspective.

Working across a range of mediums, eight artists create responses to individual cases or the project as a whole. In his review, David MacNicol shares the work presented by the artists, noting the questions they raise about the justice system and the way they confront the viewer.


Jill Kennedy McNeill’s sculptures in textile and craft combine to create three labour intensive works – reclaiming women-kind from trad stereotypes. Her practice is most indicative of, what would have traditionally been viewed as, ‘women’s labour.’ Kennedy McNeill offers a new perspective – perfectly encapsulated through a beautiful camera obscura. A copper cylinder placed on top of woven tapestry, reconfiguring the artist as Lady Justice, turns the abstract embroidery into a coherent message when viewed on the copper sculpture. Her ‘Cailleach’ uses jewel-like prisms and iridescent fabric to reconfigure the grotesque mask of Covenanter, Alexander Peden, for our times. The chosen materials are such that they accentuate the eerie quality of ceremonial masks and comment on aesthetic beauty. It questions the nature of identity and therefore agency in the criminal justice system.”

-David MacNicol Radical Art Review

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