You are permitted to know what this is about

Born in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, 4 years in East Ayrshire in Scotland, 12 years in Isa Town in Bahrain, 12 Years between East Ayrshire and Glasgow in Scotland, 8 years in various ( x7) locations in London.

Belonging nowhere and everywhere, all at once. Always sounding ‘not quite right’. Surviving on the margins as an economic nomad.

But always alright – always getting a free pass – because of being educated and white. So, never a migrant, and especially not an immigrant. Vulnerably housed yes, but presumably as a choice, a lifestyle.

Examining ideas of identity and belonging and confronting the inherent hypocrisy demonstrated by westerners, especially Brits, when deciding ‘who belongs where’. Critiquing the legacy of the Colonialist mentality through a filter of personal displacement.