You are permitted to know what this is about

This is the first piece of work produced as part of a 2 year research event titled The Scottish Feminist Judgments Project, exhibitied in Scottish Parliament in September 2018

The project aims to spark dialogue between the judiciary, legal practitioners, academics, students, third sector organisations, and the general public about the importance of gender awareness in making and applying law, by reassessing key historical cases from a Feminist perspective.  Collaborating organisations have so far included; Scottish Rape Crisis, Scottish Women’s Aid, Scottish Trans Alliance and Shakti Women’s Aid who have all been involved in the project since its inception, informing the methods used and the project’s focus.

Using the technique of anamorphosis as a visual metaphor for the idea of ‘altered perception’ the artist is depicted blindfolded as a nod to the mythical figure of Lady Justice. Rather than choosing to feature an idealised representation of womanhood, the artist – in all her mediocrity – has been selected to represent the real, ordinary people whose lives were, in some cases irreparably, altered by the original rulings.